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Caddy Classics

Royal Reds™ Cigarette-Style Bamboo Tees - 100 Count

Royal Reds™ Cigarette-Style Bamboo Tees - 100 Count

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Spark Up Some Intrigue: Caddy Classics™ Cigarette-Style Tees

Royal Reds™ Tees
• Tees: 100 count
• Length: 3¼ inch slender cigarette style heads (Reduced Friction) 
• Material: Bamboo - Extra Durable

These aren't just any tees, champ - they're smokin' hot tributes to a golden era of style. We're talking about 100 slender bamboo beauties, painted to perfection to resemble the finest smoke sticks in town. With every drive, you'll be lighting up the course with class and turning heads from the tee box to the 19th hole.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, Royal Reds™ will elevate your game and style to new heights. So remember, smooth strokes for smooth folks.


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